Post surgery garments

Post-surgical camisoles are often covered by insurance and are recommended for use after mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction surgeries. These soft front-close garments are easy to put on and have pockets for your surgical drains, as well as removable soft light breast forms so you can go home from surgery in comfort, looking the same as you did when you arrived.

Radiation garments

Radiation can sometimes cause mild to severe skin irritation making it difficult to wear a bra comfortably. We carry specially made bras and camisoles made of soft, comfortable material and uniquely designed to keep all seams and elastic bands away from any irritated areas.

Prostheses and Balance Products

After mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction surgery you may need a breast prosthesis or balance form to achieve symmetry. Symmetry is not only important to how you look, but it is critical for your long-term posture and back health. Balance forms used with a pocketed bra will give you symmetry if your surgery leaves you uneven, or if over time you need lift. Prostheses can be used in place of your breast. We carry many sizes, shapes, weights and colors so you can find exactly what works best for your unique situation. We also offer specially made swim prostheses and those made with special cooling material to minimize discomfort. And insurance companies often pay for a new prosthesis or balance form every two years.

Bras and Panties

A Personal Touch Boutiques offer many brands of pocketed and non-pocketed bras for women after breast surgery. Your body may have changed after surgery but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the feminine look in bras and panties you’ve always enjoyed. We offer bras of all colors and designs, including t-shirt bras, sports bras and lacy couture bras. Our selection includes bras that offer thicker material to hide scars; extra side supports to help smooth and shape the area under your arms; and bras with and without underwires. Our trained fitters will help you find your new size and the styles you desire. If you require a pocketed bra to hold a prosthesis or balance form, your insurance company will most likely pay for your bras.

Fashion and Couture Options

We understand that you have been buying bras your whole life and are used to choosing what you like. To avoid limiting you to products that are only covered by insurance, we offer pocketed fashion and couture options for a small upgrade charge. You can still use insurance, but will also be able to choose a special occasion bra and pay the difference.


We offer pocketed and non-pocketed swim suits, lingerie, exercise clothes and sleep wear. Prostheses designed to be used in water and imported pocketed swimwear ensure that you can still enjoy exercise and vacations. Hot flashes affect many women in and out of treatment. Treat yourself to exquisite, soft and light lounge and sleepwear while you heal. Our imported line will help you feel pretty and comfortable. Pocketed yoga and active-wear eliminate the need for a bra and a top while you work up a sweat.

Wigs and Head Wear

Beautiful wigs, head scarfs, and hats will help make you feel like yourself during treatments. Wigs are often covered by insurance and many of our customers bring their friends to help them chose a 'wig wardrobe'. We also have hats and scarves for all occasions and seasons.

Skin Care

We carry several paraffin free skin care lines, with very lightly fragranced, high-quality products, including lotion specific for radiated skin.

We also carry survivor gifts to better help friends and family show support and promote awareness. Compression garments may be needed after treatment to prevent or treat swelling. See our lymphedema section for more information.